Spawning New Windows in Alacritty (On Fedora 35)



I've been using Alacritty for nearly a year on my mac, but only just made the switch on my Fedora machine. I used to be one of those people who used iTerm2 because everyone told me it was "better", but I never actually used half of its feature-set. Because of Alacritty's simplicity and lack of tabs, I relied on CMD+n to open up new instances of Alacritty pretty often, and was surprised when that key command didn't work on my Fedora machine.

If you're running
alacritty 0.9.0
, getting it to create a new instance is an easy fix. You need to provide this argument to the
### ...
### ...
  - { key: N, mods: Control|Shift, action: SpawnNewInstance }
### ...
### ...
Turns out
used to be called
It's likely this will be fixed upstream soon, but until then this configuration does the trick.