LGTM - A Silly Github Action Written In OCAML

[code, oss, ocaml, fp, github actions, whimsical]


I still remember that feeling as a fresh engineer entering the software world; that feeling where you don't know much of anything, I barely knew git, let alone Github, or the lingua franca of code collaboration. Excited to get my first pull request out, I pushed my code and opened a pull request. Eager for that first ever contribution, I waited for someone to comment. After a bit, I saw "LGTM", but I was too embarrassed to ask what it stood for. Using context clues, I thought it must mean "Let's Get This Merged". Later on, in casual conversation, I mentioned to a teammate that the reviewer wrote "Let's get this merged". They laughed, and corrected me.

I think that means "Looks Good To Me".

I thought, "makes sense. I wasn't too far off..." And ever since then I like to play mind games with myself anytime I see the acronym. It can actually be a fun mind game to make up alternative solutions for other acronyms, what do you think? just me? who knows...

That's where the LGTM project idea started. A github action, that peruses PR comments for the letters "lgtm", and if it sees them responds with a random acronym. Maybe it will respond with "lawless growth thunder meanders", which doesn't make _any_ sense, but at least it's fun.

Because the idea is a bit whimsical I decided to write it in a fun language, OCAML. It's a bit unique in the technology it uses, but it works! Anyway, over the years LGTM bit-rot a bit, and fell out of working order. However, recently I've got it back up and running. Check it out, add it to your project, but only if you dare find out the True Meaning of LGTM.