Peppers Part 2: The Flowering

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It's been nearly two months since the last update and it's been pretty eventful. The outdoor plants have outpaced the indoor ones which unfortunately have had some nutrition issues dropping flowers and turning yellow. Luckily, they seem to be rebounding and I'm hopeful for the continued progress of the indoor hydrophonic set up. Ha harvesting fresh peppers in the middle of the winter would be absolutely amazing. The outdoor plants are looking great though but being late September it's probably a bit too late for the fruits to develop and ripen fully. Maybe we'll get some baby fruits or even better, a warm October. I ended up splitting out all but 2 of the plants from my Aerogarden, and around a month ago placed them outdoors. The lone surviving plant from the hydrophonic to soil transition is a trinidad moruga scorpion potted in a plastic water jug. Removing the extra plants from the Aergoarden has helped growth, so I could probably cull the 2nd plant from the Aerogarden but I don't have anywhere to put it, and I can't bring myself to get rid of one of the plants in such a wasteful way. I also have a new indoor epper project, which is a thai chili started from seed growing in a small can, it's been growing under the Aerogardens light pretty well. I'm hoping the indoor plants can save the day. Winter is approaching, otherwise there's always next season ;)

Outdoor Trinidad Moruga Scorpion In Pot

Outdoor Trinidad Moruga Scorpion 1

Outdoor Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Number In a Jug

Outdoor Trinidad Moruga Scorpion 2

Indoor Peppers Plants

Indoor Peppers

Thai Chili in a Can

Indoor Peppers

This is the second post in a series about my pepper growing journey.
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